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Need help setting up in Business?

Are you a solo entrepreneur and wanting to start up your own business? Are you overwhelmed with where exactly you are supposed to start? Are you a Creative type - artist, coach, creator, tradesperson, fashionista, therapist - you have worked hard on getting qualified and are ready to launch, but find the business end of things a challenge and are quite allergic to tech, forms and business jargon?

I provide Business Set-up services to help you get started on the road to a successful business. Whether it's registering your business (sole trader or limited company), securing a domain name for your website and all the complicated tech stuff that goes hand-in-hand with that, setting up Gmail and Google Workplace with your new domain, so that you have a professional email address - look no further, I have a package for all of the above, which can be tailored to your needs. Check out the details below - and book in with me for a Consultation Call to discuss your requirements and help you get started on the Business ladder!


There are a couple of different paths to setting up your business. If you are a one-person business, the most effective way is to set your business up as a Sole Trader. What does this entail? It depends on you and your business.


You can either (a) set up your business trading under your own name, or (b) if you have a business name, you must first check if the business name is available; if it is, you must register the business name and then set your business up as a Sole Trader business with CRO - The Companies Registration Office.

Whichever your preferred path above - I can take this cumbersome task off your shoulders and get you set up efficiently and accurately. If you would like to purchase this service, please book a CRO Sole Trader Set-up Call and let's get the ball rolling!

Domain Name/Hosting/SSL Certificate

This package comprises everything from the first package above with the added feature of helping you get set up in preparation for a website - in order to have a website, you will need to secure a Domain Name and a Host (an online company that manages the hosting of your website). 

So get ahead of the competition and have your secure Domain name (e.g.  Don't spend hours of your precious time trying to figure out the technical requirements - it can be a frustrating and overwhelming process when starting out.  Outsource this task to me and you will thank yourself later!

It is also important to secure an SSL Certificate which is a layer of Security necessary to keep both you and your customers safe in the online space. You will need to have an SSL Certificate if you are trading online, to secure payments and keep your transactions and customers' data secure and private. When you see a padlock next to a website address, or if the website address starts with https://,  that means it is a secure site with an SSL Certificate.

To avail of this essential service alongside your company set up and registration, book your PREMIUM package today!

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Domain Name/Hosting/SSL Certificate
Professional Email and Workspace

This package will give your business the very best start! It comprises of all of the features of the previous two packages, with the added feature of helping you get set up with a professional email address and workspace.

When you are working with your customers, liaising with clients, suppliers, professional bodies - you don't want to have to email from your old personal email address that you created when you were 25 years old and are embarrassed by the name! I have heard some right dingers in my time! You want to have a professional email to represent your business and brand and one that demonstrates to your customers and suppliers alike that you are a serious business owner. 

There are several ways to do this. You can opt for your professional email and workspace to be set up with Gmail for example, after securing your domain name with a hosting company.  Or, you can choose to secure the domain and professional email both from Gmail. I have worked with both options for clients, and one works just as well as the other. 

If all of this makes sense to you in theory, but you feel you would not know where to start, or would not have the time to dedicate to it because you are busy setting up your services and doing lead generation to win clients - book the ELITE package and make the most of your valuable time!


I provide a one-stop-shop for all the tech requirements
you need to get started in business. 
Book in today and I'll be happy to chat you through it.

However, if you feel you are happy to put in the work yourself but could benefit from that 1:1 guidance - fear not, I am more than happy to share what I have learned since becoming a Virtual Assistant; and more still, what I have learned over 20+ years in Corporate environments!

Click here to view my 1:1 Mentoring & Strategy Services

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