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The Cacao Shift

A Guide to Cacao & Personal Ceremony

I wanted to create this FREE e-Book to share my love of Cacao with you!

by The Hummingbird Collective
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Ready to Deepen your connection with Cacao?

Cacao has been an integral part of my inner journey for some time now - it has profoundly helped me process and heal in a way I never expected. I truly believe the Spirit of Cacao "walks hand-in-hand alongside me on my path"

There are many cultural stories and mythology around Cacao and my only wish is to honour and respect these traditions and cultures. I am truly thankful to the communities in Guatemala and other regions that bring Cacao to the world.

One indigenous myth says, "When the balance between humans and nature is threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony"

This is one story I will cling to in these times!

In this FREE e-Book, you will learn:

Outline of a Cacao pod
Outline of a Cacao pod
Outline of a Cacao pod
Outline of a Cacao pod
Outline of a Cacao pod
Outline of a Cacao pod
Outline of a Cacao pod
Outline of a Cacao pod

What is Cacao?

Some History & Mythology

About me and The Hummingbird Collective

How to make a MUG of Cacao

Creating Personal Ceremony & Intentions

My favourite meditation I use during personal ceremony

Find out about deepening your practice with my available courses

And more...

Please Note: This is a GUIDE only and is NOT a training course and it does NOT qualify you to hold Cacao Ceremonies, using Keith's Cacao or any other Cacao.  This Guide is for your PERSONAL growth and deepening your personal relationship with Mama Cacao and is intended as an Introductory resource aimed at those curious, interested in, or who want to learn more about Cacao.

The Cacao Shift - A Guide to Cacao & Personal Ceremony has lots of space for you to write your intentions and to journal about your expanding and growing relationship with Cacao!

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Get in touch and let me know how you got on with this guide.

I can't wait to hear from you!

I started out in 2022 as a Virtual Assistant after many, many years in the Corporate World. I also have a background in Holistic & Complementary Therapies as I believe it is vital that WELLBEING should be enjoyed by all on this planet. This should include wellbeing in our work.

We just so happen to work for MANY years - so why not have PASSION for your own business, work hard and feel like you are achieving your goals, making a difference and that your PURPOSE is giving back to yourself, your family and in whatever way possible, this beautiful planet we call home.

Cacao has been a HUGE part of my journey, along with Reiki. Both have facilitated so much growth and helped guide me in the direction of my dreams. One of those dreams was to become a Solo Mama by Choice to my son Jack and the other was to be the light and help people. 

I am deeply grateful for my journey - ALL of it, good and bad!

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