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Best Tips for Working with A Virtual Assistant: Achieving Success Together

How to Cultivate a Successful Partnership with Your Virtual Assistant & Take my Poll at the end of the Blog!

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Lorraine Flood - Founder The Hummingbird Collective

Best Tips for Working with Your Virtual Assistant

In the fast-paced world of business, having a virtual assistant (VA) by your side can be a game-changer. However, simply hiring a VA isn't enough to maximise the benefits they can bring to your business. Building a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your VA is essential for achieving success together. In this blog post, I'll share essential strategies and the best tips to help you get the best from your virtual assistant, ensuring a productive and harmonious working relationship that fosters growth and success.

Be Really Clear and Aligned:

To start a successful Client-VA relationship, it's important to be clear and aligned from the beginning with the Discovery Call. This call is so important and gives you an opportunity to clearly share your business goals, objectives, and expectations with your VA. Once you begin working with your VA, ensure you give detailed instructions for each task or project (VAs are incredibly perceptive and adaptable, but not mind-readers); therefore open communication and creating time for questions are essential. Take time to talk about your vision, preferred ways to communicate, and any specific preferences or needs you have. By making sure your expectations and goals match, you create a strong base for a collaborative and productive working relationship.

Encourage Open and Honest Communication:

Good communication is key to a successful relationship, and this is true for working with your virtual assistant. Create a supportive and welcoming environment where your VA feels comfortable sharing their ideas, concerns, and feedback. Have regular check-ins, virtual meetings, or weekly catch-ups to discuss progress, give updates, and address any issues. By promoting open communication, you build trust, teamwork, and understanding in your working relationship. Most VAs offer a free 15-minute weekly catch-up with clients. This time is crucial for staying aligned with your needs and planning their week effectively.

Value and Respect Their Time and Energy:

One of the most important things to do with a VA is to value and respect their time and energy - such valuable resources! This sets the tone for your relationship from the get-go. Avoid micromanaging or overloading them with too many tasks. Instead, prioritise the workload and respect their boundaries. Set realistic deadlines and expectations, considering their availability and workload, and give them enough time to complete tasks.

I'll let you in on a little secret - it really makes a difference when a client supports their VA by giving them a shout-out on social media or by leaving a Google review. It not only helps with exposure but also gives well-deserved credit and boosts the VA's confidence, showing them their work is valued and appreciated. By respecting and valuing your VA's time and energy, you create a positive and supportive work environment.

Understand Task Complexity and Time Requirements:

Every task is different, so it's important to grasp how complex it is and how much time it will take. Talk through the details, deadlines, and what you expect with your VA. Encourage them to share their thoughts based on their experience. Trust their judgment when they estimate how long things will take, and try not to overload them with unrealistic demands. By understanding each task and respecting the time it needs, you set the stage for getting things done well.

Honour Payment Agreements and Pay on Time:

Being honest and fair with payments is crucial in any business relationship. Stick to your payment agreements with your VA, making sure they get paid fairly and promptly for their work. Your VA will usually set clear terms for payments right from the start and it is important for clients to stick to them every time. By ensuring payments are timely and fair, you demonstrate your commitment to being reliable and trustworthy and respectful of your VAs time and energy.

Build a Mutual and Beneficial Relationship:

Having a good partnership with your VA is about both of you benefiting from the work you do together. Try to give as much as you get by supporting each other, giving guidance, and offering opportunities to grow. Engage your VA like a partner, not just someone who works for you. Work together on goals and plans. By building this kind of teamwork and support, you create a work environment where you both can succeed.


Building a strong relationship with your virtual assistant takes time, communication, and respect. These tips help create a good working relationship where both of you can grow and succeed. Remember, your VA isn't just there to do tasks – they're a valuable partner in reaching your business goals. Show respect, recognise their hard work, and help them grow. Together, you can achieve great things.

These insights are just a slice of what I've learned from my time as a VA and in my career. There are plenty more tips out there for working with your VA, but these are some of the most important from my experience. I'd love to hear from both VAs, clients and business owners to see if there is anything to add or take away from this blog post.

What do you think is the most important point in this blog about getting the best out of working with a Virtual Assistant?

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