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Cacao Lovers Join Me & Experience.....


The Licensed Practitioner training for Keith's Cacao

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The Power of Cacao Practitioner Training

Join me on this immersive training and deep dive into the earth medicine that is Cacao! When you emerge from this 6-ceremony Power of Cacao training - you will be eligible to become a Keith's Cacao Practitioner - and share Keith's Cacao with the world, using it in your own ceremonies as you hold space for others.

I hope you'll join me on this Journey Within with Keith's Cacao... it has been quite a profound journey for me and one I want to share with YOU! 

Join me and share a 'Cup of Love'


Friday, September 22nd         7-9pm

Friday, September 29th          7-9pm

Friday, October 6th                 7-9pm

Friday, October 13th                7-9pm

Friday, October 20th               7-9pm

Saturday, October 21st           12-3:30pm (Practical Day!)


Shine-In Yoga Studio, St. Olave's, Kinsealy, Co Dublin, K36 N880

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Do you love Keith's Cacao and wish you could...

Course Structure -
Summary of the topics we will cover during our time together.

✨ Personal practice - its importance and bringing intention to it

✨ How to prepare your cacao and the different ways it can be used

✨ Precautions and Contraindications

✨ Rituals and Holding Space with Cacao

✨ About Keith "The Chocolate Shaman" and ceremonial grade cacao

✨ The History and Mythology, Origins and Ancient use of cacao

✨ Cultural Awareness

✨ The Science & Nutrition - cacao is a natural superfood and is packed with antioxidants, bioactive compounds and psychoactive compounds

✨ The spiritual benefits of cacao and how it can help deep inner work

✨ Creating a safe, sacred space and group sharing

✨ Overview of the Chakra system, grounding techniques, clearing and cleansing our space

✨ An insight into other modalities and healing practices we can share - bring your UNIQUE self, be open to receive aswell as share, and let's have FUN!

What's Included in the Power of Cacao training?

1 brick of Keith's Cacao (11 ceremonial doses, approx 22 daily doses)

✨6 In-person ceremonies - on the last day, students will host their own ceremony for the group (we may pair you up)

✨Online access to Keith's Cacao Thinkific platform - covering the essential topics along with other materials.

✨A specially designed workbook created by me to help you digest the materials and each topic on Keith's Cacao platform Thinkific - there will be journal prompts, space for questions and information about other modalities and healing techniques.

A tote bag with goodies, with love from me to you.

✨ Links to playlists used during our training together - sharing memories!

✨ Weekly guided meditations

✨ A Certificate of Completion from The Hummingbird Collective.

Email and WhatsApp support throughout the course.

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There are two ways you can pay for

my Power of Cacao course:

  • Pay in Full Upon Booking - €888

  • A 4 month Payment Plan - €222 per month, with the first instalment due upon Booking to Secure your Spot.

  • Note: Payment Plan will be via Stripe Subscription monthly for 4 months.



"The Cacao Ceremony Lorraine held during her 'Journey Within' retreat was so gifting in so many ways. Lorraine has a unique way of explaining what Cacao is about and the benefits you will receive when you are open to allowing your body and mind to just be in the present moment. It was beautiful - from the presentation of the cacao, to the choice of music and words, Lorraine's attention to detail makes it all the more special. I felt so incredibly grateful for the experience and anyone who comes into contact with Lorraine leaves feeling loved and content. What more could you ask for!"

Aideen O'Connor


You Are Safe

I have spent many years training in different healing modalities - from the year 2000 I started out on my Holistic & Wellbeing journey & haven't looked back!

Yin Yoga TT Certificate Rise Spirit Soul
Meditation TT Certificate

You Are Held

The Power of Cacao is a magical experience and brings you deep within - the longer we sit with Cacao, the more potent its effect and the more we open to receive!


Do I need any qualifications in order to join? No. - You do need to bring an open heart and open mind, be open to receive and share. - Ideally some experience with cacao and being in cacao ceremonies would be ideal. - Having another healing practice or personal practice would be great.

What should I bring with me? - Bring your authentic, unique self and prepare to journey within, go deep but also have fun. - I will have most everything we need - but definitely bring your own bits that make your space sacred and comfortable. - Yoga mats and blankets will be provided but please do bring your own if you wish. - I will have mugs for our cacao, but again, if you like to drink from your own favourite mug, please do bring it. - A small offering to our altar for Mama Cacao - Your journal, pen, water and snacks. - Wear comfy, loose clothing. - Whatever will make you cosy and comfortable for the duration of our time together.

Where exactly will the course be held? The address and eircode is 20 St. Olave’s, Kinsealy, K36N880 If you are coming off the M50, M1 or via the Southside of Dublin - head for the Malahide Road and head in the direction of Malahide. St. Olave's is midway along the road to Malahide and you will take a right turn at Kinsealy Church, then the first left.

Is there parking on-site? Yes there is free underground parking at St. Olave's.


Are there any precautions with Cacao? Yes, there are some. Please let me know if any of the following apply to you: - You take antidepressants - You have any food sensitivities or stomach issues - You have any heart issues - You are pregnant or breastfeeding None of the above mean you cannot drink cacao, we may need to just alter your dose to a lower dose. If you have any concerns, please do consult your GP before the course begins.

What happens after I book my spot? - You will receive a confirmation email and payment receipt. - You will receive a questionnaire via email - please take your time filling this out (have a cup of cacao while you do!) - This questionnaire is intended to help me get to know you a little and understand where you are coming from and what your expectations are from the course. - This information is essential in helping me to plan each session. - You will receive reminder emails before the course begins.

When will I get access to Keith's Cacao platform? - One the course is fully booked and I send all names and contact information to the Keith's Cacao Support Team, you will be set up and given access to the portal for the course materials. - I will give the Support Team my student names at least 1 month in advance (around August 22nd, 2023), this will give them enough time to set everyone up. - The platform will have the core modules you must cover for Keith's Cacao and I will include my own also and your workbook.

What are the benefits of doing this course with you and not Keith's Cacao directly? - You will have access to 6 in-person cacao ceremonies - You will have support and access to me for the duration - Anything that comes up for you during this course that needs healing - you are safe and held in-person with compassion and love. - You will gain your confidence in hosting a ceremony by the exposure to the 6 ceremonies and then hosting your own in practical exam with your fellow students. - We build our cacao community in Dublin, in Ireland by supporting each other and that is a powerful thing. - You will receive some lovely freebies from me

Do I get access to Practitioner Rates for purchasing Cacao? - Yes, you do. Upon completion of your training, you are eligible to become a Keith's Cacao practitioner. - You will become an Affiliate and have your own discount code to share with your community and will also be able to bulk purchase your cacao at practitioner rates.

Do I get a Keith's Cacao Certificate? - Yes. When you graduate from my course, you will receive my Certificate of Completion. - I will then notify Keith's Cacao Support team that you have graduated - You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Keith's Cacao - You will be then eligible to join the Keith's Cacao Practitioner programme. - To be eligible, you must: 1. Graduate my Power of Cacao Affiliated course 2. Complete all of the Power of Cacao course materials on the Keith's Cacao platform. 3. Purchase 10 bricks of Keith's Cacao at Practitioner rates to get you started in your practice. 4. Complete an orientation call with a Keith's Cacao Practitioner Advocate - I will provide you with the application form upon completion of our course and give you access to the Global Calendar to book your orientation call.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

About Me

Lorraine Flood - Founder, The Hummingbird Collective

I am a solo mother by choice to my son Jack and live in Dublin, Ireland.  He is my greatest teacher in this life.

The Hummingbird Collective was born out of a desire to merge and embody all of my skills - drawing from the corporate world and also the Holistic and Wellness space that I am passionate about.  

I became self-employed and created my business because I wanted to have more balance in my life, work remotely and make my own schedule. I needed to be my own boss and be a present parent to my son - so I left my 9-5 corporate job in 2022 and set up my own business.

I now work with clients in various industries, mainly conscious, passionate business owners, Creatives, Artists, Wellness & Health professionals and I tie it altogether with a holistic intention to help others on their journey.


My journey with Cacao began in 2019 when I was training to become a Reiki practitioner.  It took some time for the cacao spirit to reveal herself to me, but I found the more I sat with cacao and journeyed within, the more Mama Cacao opened up to me.  Cacao is a powerful, yet gentle medicine.  My experience has been a slow burner I would call it - it really has brought me so much space, capacity to work on healing my wounds, peace and calm (in a world of chaos with a toddler!). It has helped me propel my business forward, opening up my creative centres, deepening my relationship with myself, thus enhancing my self-love and self-confidence. 

But as Keith would say, "Cacao brings you to the door, but doesn't push you through it"

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